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A broad spectrum combination which may help relieve symptoms of digestive discomfort such as indigestion, epigastric fullness, bloating, bowel problems or IBS. As well as providing support for liver health, it also helps in the functioning of the liver & gall bladder thru’ its ability to stimulate bile flow (choleretic). It’s detoxifying properties can assist the liver in removing toxins such as chemicals, alcohol and environmental pollutants from the body.

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  • The flavonoid components in silymarin, curcumin and artichoke have free radical scavenging activities, helping to protect and promote liver health.
  • It help stimulate the production of bile, which helps remove harmful toxins from the liver.
  • Inhibits the oxidation of bad lipids & mobilize fat stores from the liver.
  • Supports, strengthen healthy liver functions and protect glutathione levels. Glutathione is responsible for detoxifying a wide range of chemicals, pollutants, alcohol, etc.
  • Acts as a mild diuretic and helps to neutralize excessive acid.
  • Useful for the relief of feelings of fullness and flatulence.
Ingredients (Active)

One capsule provides : Artichoke Leaf Ext. (cynara scolymus L) (standardised 5% cynarin, 2.5% caffeoylquinic acid), Milk Thistle Seed Ext. (silybum marianum) (standardised 80% silymarin), Schisandra Chinensis Ext. (berry/fruit) (standardised 5% schizandrin), Dandelion Ext. (taraxacum mongolicum) (standardised 15% taraxasterol), Tumeric Root Ext. (curcuma longa) (standardised 95% curcuminoids), Apple Pectin, Papain (papaya), Bromelain (200GDU/gm), Peppermint Leaf (mentha piperita L), BioperineTM (piper nigrum [95% piperine]), Lemongrass powder.

Suitable for vegetarians.

SexSuitable for Men, Suitable for Women
FormCapsule. Colour variation in capsules can be expected.

1-2 capsules daily with a meal, for long term digestive support.

Up to 6 capsules in divided doses in case of indigestion due to occasional over-indulgence (over-eating), for fast-acting relief.

Quantity50 + 13 capsules


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