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A unique formula that helps nourishes the skin, reduces fine lines, increases skin’s firmness, elasticity and brightening. Collactive® Marine collagen and Elastin peptides contains an all natural marine hydrolyzed collagen and polysaccharide complex. It combines the same proteins and polysaccharides as those found in skin for a synergistic action. Hytolive, high in hydroxytyrosol help increases glutathione production and reduces melanogenesis.

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  • 100% marine-based ingredient composed of 94% Type I hydrolyzed collagen and 6% elastin oligopeptides – the same ratio found naturally in human skin.
  • It combines the two main constituents of the skin’s extracellular matrix and has an anti-wrinkle synergic action: elastin fibers give the dermis suppleness that complements collagen fibers tensile strength.
  • A study on Collactive marine collagen showed a synergistic anti-wrinkle action, stimulating skin to lift and tone sagging areas and minimize lines and wrinkles, while increasing skin’s ability to retain moisture. This was accomplished supporting a lower inclusion rate than normally suggested for conventional collagen.
  • Demonstrated effective at a 2-gram use level which compares favorably to other collagen ingredients that are recommended at 5-10 gram levels.
Ingredients (Active)Biotin, Zinc, Collactive® Marine collagen and Elastin peptides, Hytolive® Olive oil extract, Bamboo extract, Lycopene.
SexSuitable for Men, Suitable for Women
FormTablet (caplet)
Usage1 – 2 caplets daily.
Quantity50 caplets

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