Harvested from only the finest sources, Diana Fresh Royal Jelly is organic-certified and unrivalled in its quality and potency. Our unique harvesting process ensures that the royal jelly is painstakingly preserved in its original, natural liquid form to maintain optimal freshness and efficacy. Unique from other lyophilized or ‘freeze-dried’ version royal jelly capsules.

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A well balanced formula delivering all the potency and effectiveness of Diana Fresh Royal Jelly. Uniquely encapsulated in its freshest and natural viscous state (not freeze-dried/lyopliized) in order to optimally preserve its purity, richness and vitalising properties. The power of Diana Royal Jelly 200mg is designed to provide an intensifying health boost, promoting vitality and overall wellness. Feel the beautifying and energising effects, both on the inside and out. With a perfect balance of Wheatgerm Oil and Beeswax.

Royal Jelly has been famed throughout the ages because of its role with the queen bee.  It is the sole source of nourishment for the queen bee and enables her to outlive worker bees thirty-fold!  The queen is also very productive, laying up to 2,000 eggs per day throughout her life.


Harvested from only the finest sources, Diana Royal Jelly is simply the purest, most natural Royal Jelly in the world. Naturally rich in proteins, B vitamins, essential minerals, amino acids and enzymes, our Royal Jelly goes through a rigorous quality assurance process in keeping with strict European standards and is guaranteed for its purity and potency. Naturally rich in trans-10-hydroxy-2-decenoic acid (HDA).

Suggested use:

One capsule to be taken evey morning with cool water preferably on an empty stomach.

Pack size:

60+20 vegetable capsules