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  • Nature’s Essence SlimDown is a blend of natural extract that supports healthy body composition and weight management.

  • Clinically researched ingredients that helps optimise the metabolic processes, releases & burn stored body fat for energy through thermogenesis, thereby providing the means to maintain healthy body composition and lean body mass levels.

  • Reap the benefits of clinically studied natural extracts. Phytonutrients work together to support lean body mass, satiety, energy level and a healthy body weight and composition.*



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  • Green tea consumption has been traditionally linked to lower body fat. A number of clinical studies have shown green tea to promote energy expenditure and caloric consumption by increasing thermogenesis (the production of body heat derived from fat oxidation).
  • Green coffee bean extract comes from coffee beans that haven’t been roasted. Coffee beans contain compounds known as chlorogenic acids. Some believe these compounds have antioxidant effects, help lower blood pressure, and help you lose weight(1)
  • Advantra Z® is the only patented Citrus aurantium, bitter orange or citrus extract for weight loss and physical performance. Containing a family of indirect-acting adrenergic amines (B-sympathicomimetics) that facilitate utilization of energy substrates, stimulate metabolic processes, favor uptake of amino acids into muscle, increase lipolysis (breakdown of fat) and can exert mild hunger-suppressant effects(2)


  • *To be used in conjunction with a sensible diet.
Ingredients (Active)

One capsule provides: Greenselect phytosome® Green tea extract, Green coffee bean extract, Rhodiola rosea root extract, Advantra Z® Citrus aurantium fruit extract, Apple cider vinegar powder, Forslean® Coleus forskohili, Chromium.

Suitable for vegetarians.

Age No
Sex Suitable for Men, Suitable for Women
Form Capsule
Usage 2 capsules, up to 2 times daily. On workout days, take 30-60 minutes before starting exercise. Better results when combined with a low-calorie diet.
Quantity 50 capsules

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